Thank you for reviewing our qualifications. Over the past 10 years, Fish Tec, Inc. has gained a reputation as the leading hand dredge companies in North America. We are uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality services. Because of our industry leadership and high ethical and professional standards, we are able to provide added benefits beyond just dredging services. One value added service is our problem solving ability. This ability to bring creative solutions is part of our culture and capitalizes on our years of experience with projects similar to yours.

Fish Tec, Inc was established 10 years ago, by JB Pellicer and Richard Coleman. The company originally focused on commercial diving, debris removal, underwater inspections and underwater repair for clients though out the state of Florida. In 2003, Fish tec, inc acquired a successful dredge contracting company and opened a new division devoted to small scale diver assisted hydraulic dredging. After two years, management saw the success and the potential of the dredging division and turned the company's focus to small scale hydraulic dredging and became the national industry leader in portable small scale hydraulic dredging. Fish Tec, Inc. has become the respected name in professional small scale dredging services because of our flexibility to perform hydraulic dredging in the diverse marine environment. All of our resources are focused on being the best at small scale hydraulic dredging.

Fishtec uses the latest innovative technology to give clients the job they need with as little impact to the environment as possible. As a client of Fishtec, you can expect:
  • A superintendent on site at all times to discuss the project with your inspector.
  • All equipment will be kept in working order and equipped with all required safety gear.
  • Employees will be trained for their particular tasks.
  • Work environment will be kept clean and free of all trash and safety hazards.
  • All our employees will be friendly to fellow boaters and will keep navigational channels open and will not block boaters from accessing the river.