Underwater welding jobs, commercial diving, dredging contractors, boat salvage, pipe video inspection, underwater video systems
Commercial diving for underwater welding, marine construction, underwater welding jobs and commercial diving jobs Fish Tec, Inc. will provide turnkey services for any commercial diving need. Our underwater services include marine construction and repair, welding, piling encapsulation, culvert cleaning, slip lining, pipeline assembly, salvage, video, inspection, and much more. From project design to execution and oversight, our staff of experienced project managers, equipment operators, and certified commercial divers will complete your project safely, effectively, and efficiently. Our key staff members have more than 20 years experience and have comleted a wide range of commercial diving and marine construction projects around the world so you can expect the highest quality of workmanship. Fish Tec, Inc. is building its reputation by delivering innovative and cost effective solutions that result in a superior product for its customers. Fish Tec, Inc. commercial divers are trained to the highest standards and are experienced at working in adverse conditions including limited visibility, cold water, high altitude, and strong currents. When it comes to efficiency, effectivness, safety, and price, no other company can deliver like Fish Tec, Inc.
Dredging for underwater welding, marine construction, underwater welding jobs and commercial diving jobs Fish Tec, Inc. offers hydraulic and mechanical dredging services to municipalities, businesses, golf courses and marinas for increasing water capacity or deepening channels and boat slips. We have a unique system for removing sediment, weeds, muck, and debris in confined spaces. Fish Tec, Inc. is the leading diving contractor for culvert cleaning and precision hydraulic dredging in the United States. We also have a dedicated inventory of sanitary equiptment devoted to potable water storage tank cleaning. Fish Tec, Inc. is also the leading installer in geotextiles worldwide. We have a network of geotextile manufactures whom we work with to meet the demands of your project. Most geotextile work can be completed without significantly disrupting land access or the use of adjacent lands.